About Us

Big Miracle for tiny people

The NICU at NEO Care Children’s Hospital Navsari in Gujarat is a 12 bedded intensive unit built with the latest technology. We take care of the smallest babies giving them the love and nurturing they require to survive in this world. We are present at the births of high-risk babies born in maternity homes and strive to provide your child the quickest treatment by transferring them from the maternity home to our hospital with the help of our specially designed transport incubators.

We at Neo Care Children Hospital in Navsari have regularly embraced the latest advancements in medical science and introduced cutting-edge medical technology to offer ‘best-in-class’ clinical outcomes and patient experiences.

Doctor’s In charge :

  • Dr. Viral Anantkumar Patel (MBBS, DCH, FNNF, PGPN)
  • Dr. Pritesh B. Patel (MBBS, MD Pediatrics, FIAP)
children hospital in navsari

Our Vision

  • Providing quality healthcare for families in a warm, supportive environment.
  • Supporting the family in taking care of their children.
  • Taking all decisions in an ethical manner.
  • Providing a good and supportive environment and culture for our staff.

Our Mission

To improve the health and well-being of children and their families by providing comprehensive, family-centred healthcare and committing to the highest level of clinical and hospital care and service excellence.